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How does it work to become a host?

We are constantly looking for centrally located accommodation for short and / or long term rentals. If you can rent out to the large events on your destination, we will help you to create a profile.

This is how it works….

  1. Create a profileFirst, send us an inquiry of interest (see form on the left). We will then help you to create a profile with description and pictures of your accommodation, but also suggests a reasonable rent per night, based on location, comfort, number of bedrooms, number of beds, etc. Once the profile is complete, we will determine a time for a meeting in your accommodation, where we verifies the description and take pictures.
  2. Update profile and booking calendarAfter you have completed the profile and approved the conditions, you can log on to and add more details about your accommodation. You can then decide by yourself when you want to rent out by creating bookable periods for your accommodation. All this is managed by login on, where you can see a calendar of events at your destination.
  3. Booking When you have updated the booking calendar, your accommodation will be available for booking through Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation via SMS and email, where you can find contact details to the guests, date of rent, total rent, etc. For each booking there is terms and conditions provided by Great Living.
    You can read more about terms and conditions here.
  4. Rent out You will provide a clean and fresh home with towels, bed linen, standard breakfast *, and last but not least, a friendly hosting. On arrival you will show the guest your accommodation and hand over keys and other instructions. The guest may check in between 17:00 to 21:00, unless otherwise agreed with the guest in advance.
  5. Reviews On departure day, the guest will leave the keys back and you can inspect your accommodation. The guest also get a chance to evaluate how everything worked. In this way, we can get better for each booking, both Great Living and you as a host.